My download keeps timing out. What do I do?

If you have an older or slower computer or a slow internet connection, you may only want to start downloading one or two book files at a time.

Right-clicking the download link (as opposed to regular clicking) can also help with downloading. Then choose to save link as to download to your computer. 

We do not recommend downloading directly to iPad, iPhone or any other mobile or eReader devices.
Due to the size of these files (at least, the large .zip files), they can only be downloaded onto a regular desktop or laptop computer.
If you try to download directly onto any type of smaller device, the files will not download properly. You may be able to download a single book at a time. Please know, we do not recommend or test downloading directly to a mobile device. Some files may download and some may not. 
So first, open up your purchase email and download all files onto your computer. Once this is done,  you can proceed to transfer them to your devices.

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